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Poultry specialist

"A" is a family poultry business.  LLD trunks the product overnight and then distributes it in pallet multiples to butchers and foodservice companies, making simultaneous multiple national deliveries.

National foodservice distributor
“B” is a national foodservice company serving hotels, schools and restaurants etc. They use LLD to trunk goods to their regional distribution centres daily.

“C” is widely regarded as the country’s leading retailer.  LLD make multiple daily deliveries to its Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs).  Collections are made from customers’ premises and can be delivered exclusively or as part of cost-saving consolidated loads with other local suppliers.

“C” insists on deliveries being made only by companies complying with the standards set by the world's premier food standards agency, EFSIS.  LLD is one of only two Scottish companies with this accreditation.  For an example download details of LLD services to TESCO

Enterprising local family firm
“D” is a small speciality food producer which has established a strong local market and brand recognition.  In recent years the business has grown exponentially through having secured a contract with a national supermarket chain.  All of its national deliveries are made by LLD.  Typically this manufacturer receives orders at around 11.00am each day and prepares these for dispatch by 5.00pm.  The goods are collected before 6.00pm and delivered to the supermarket’s RDC within a few hours to enable them to be placed on the pallet racks ready for night-shift picking in order that they are in the supermarket’s stores the following morning.

Speciality ingredients
"E" grows and processes an essential ingredient for the foodservice industry.  LLD distributes small frozen consignments of often only a pallet at a time throughout the country.  The nature of this product means that customer only need deliveries every few weeks.

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